What causes tonsil stones?

Tonsil stones, tonsilloliths, smelly white balls or whatever you call them. They are irritating and can often cause you embarrassment. In order to tackle them, first you need to know what causes tonsil stones. Understanding the cause of any illness is the first step towards treating and preventing it. This article will tell you how these stones are formed and what causes them.

Our tonsils naturally remove food debris and bacteria from building up in our throats. In cases where a personís lymphatic system and the tonsils are not able to cleanse out on their own, tonsil stones start to form. For most of us, the natural cleansing is sufficient to prevent this buildup. However, some of us need a little extra help to ensure this cleaning process. People with allergies are more likely to get tonsil stones. This is because they suffer from sinus issues and runny noses more than others. This causes frequent nasal drips and excessive amount of mucous. As there is constant dripping in the throat, the tonsils are unable to keep up with their cleansing; mucous deposits on tonsils, and food particles and bacteria get stuck on to the mucous. The warm, moist environment of your throat allows bacteria to ferment, and this is what causes tonsil stones, though allergy sufferers are not the only ones who get tonsil stones.

For those who do not have allergies there are a number of reasons which could be responsible for tonsil stone formation. Foods which have a high content of fats, oils, sugar and dairy products which are high in calcium can all be responsible for tonsil stones. Calcium and lactose in the milk provide ground for bacteria fermentation. Fried foods and junk food which have oils and sugars also create imbalance in the quantity of bacteria in your throat. This imbalance is also causes tonsil stones, as the lack of good bacteria disables your tonsils from doing their job effectively. If you continue to take such a diet, or if you are exposed to polluted environment or toxins all the time; this naturally means your lymphatic system has to do more work than it is able to.

Sometimes, if one does not take care of their oral hygiene that is they only take care of brushing their teeth but forget about the tongue and throat, it can leave some of the tiny food particles left behind. Take your brush all the way back to your tongue, and following it with gargling helps in flushing out the food debris. Once tonsils stones start to form; along with bad breath, a person experiences difficulty in swallowing and may have sudden coughing fits which donít go away with cough syrups.  There is a constant feeling of something being stuck in your throat.

Although it is not possible to point out the exact cause of formation of tonsil stones; but poor diet choices, stress, poor oral hygiene, constant nasal drips, exposure to toxins and pollutants all are contributing factors. If you suffer from tonsil stones and try to determine what causes tonsil stones in you from the above stated reasons and then you can easily prevent them from forming.

 Understanding What Are Tonsil Stones

There are number of diseases that people suffer from, but they donít know about it. They either ignore it or misunderstand it and thus; face serious problems.  Same is the case of Tonsil Stones, also known as Tonsilloliths or Calculus of Tonsils. Tonsil stones are very common; especially in adults. In order to prevent oneself from it; one must know what are tonsil stones?

When someone talks about formation of stones in human body people think of kidney stones or appendix. But kidneys arenít the only place where stones maybe deposited, the tonsils are another site where hard and very painful stones may develop. What? Stones in our throats! Yes it is possible; read this article get an insight into what are tonsil stones?  Tonsil Stones are unusual yellowish colored, smelly chunks. They mostly occur in palatine tonsils and may weigh from 300mg to 40gm. Tonsil Stones are usually found in the clefts, also known as ĎTonsillar Cryptsí of the throat. These can be as small as sand grains and as big as a pea. Tonsil Stones are made of Calcium Carbonate however; their composition may vary containing other minerals such as Phosphorous, magnesium and ammonia. This information can give an idea of tonsil stones. But in order to understand the disease better, one must also know of their effects and problem caused by them.

We may see people complaining about bad smell or swallowing difficulties and they donít know what the cause is. They visit dentists and even they would at times, prescribe mouthwashes; which is not an exact sure. This is because of little awareness of what are tonsil stones? When one gets tonsil stones, bad breath is accompanied by difficulty in swallowing, whitish spots on throat, ear ache, metallic or sour taste in mouth, and sometimes rapid fever. A naked eye observation is usually enough for diagnosis of tonsil stones. Tonsil Stones can be prevented by following good oral hygiene; cleaning your tongue and brushing your teeth regularly, gargling with salt water and nasal irrigation. However, if symptoms persist go see your doctor, preferably an ENT. Doctors would usually prescribe you antibiotics for 2 weeks. But remember though; you might start to feel better after two three days tonsil stones can reoccur even after taking antibiotics and who can ignore the unwanted side effects they come with.

The underlying cause for these white yellowish bumps in your throat is that the tonsils have too much lymph fluid to filter. The byproduct of this filtering is what we refer to as tonsil stones. There are various conditions that could lead to this disease. The basic reason behind tonsil stones is under active tonsils; because one may have too much work and cannot keep up with the cleaning or too little circulation of the lymph fluid. The causes may include post nasal drip, sinus infection, allergy, stress, autoimmune disorder, refined foods, alcohol, virus and bacterial infections, toxins from environment and other conditions which mix with the lymph fluid. As you now know what are tonsil stones and how are they caused, it can help you to prevent them better.

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