The Easiest Tonsil Stones Treatment


In starting, tonsil stones can just cause bad breath that people cover up by chewing mint gums or some other mouth fresheners. They should not be taken that lightly, though. Tonsil stones can cause so many health issues. When they get bigger they get worse. The bad breath becomes more intense as the tonsil stones get older. They make it difficult for the sufferer to swallow and drink. They can cause soreness and irritation in the throat. As they get bigger they put pressure on the nerve path that can become a reason of ear aches too. Accompanied with tonsillitis; an infection of the tonsils, they can cause severe pain.

Salt water gargle is a good treatment of tonsil stones. ENT doctors recommend gargling with the salt water at least three times a day. It also prevents the formation of tonsil stones. You would be surprised to know that there is a treatment that can help most of the people with these annoying, nasty and foul-smelling lumps of bacteria, food particles and dead cells in their throats. The easiest tonsil stones treatment has two parts.

First part of the tonsil stones treatment is to get rid of them. You can remove the tonsil stones by many easy techniques. Popping out the tonsil stones by applying pressure on the tonsils is the method that has been used by many people. For this put pressure on the tonsils with the help of finger and try to take out the tonsil stone out. Coughing hard can also help in this regard. When you cough hard you loosen the tonsil stones in the tonsil crypt and you can take them out.  Using a medicine syrup dropper to pull the stones out is also a good way to get rid of the stones. You can use a tongue scraper or a toothbrush to scrap the tonsil stones. You can also use Q-tip to take out the stones from the tonsil folds. A Water Pike can also be used to remove the tonsil stones. You can use any of the above methods that suit you, but you should be careful while taking out the tonsil stones because if it breaks in the mouth it will emit very unpleasant smell and will cause more annoyance.  After removing the tonsil stone, brush your teeth, scrape your tongue well, and gargle with salt water or a good quality mouth wash.

Second part of the tonsil stone treatment is preventing the Tonsilloliths. You can do so by brushing your teeth after every meal and keeping a good care of your mouth and throat. You should include healthy foods in your diet like fresh fruits and vegetables, especially vegetables and fruits that help in getting rid of bacteria like celery, garlic and cucumber.  Avoid any food that can cause bacteria to dwell and multiply in your throat and cut down the intake of like yogurt, cheese and butter, etc. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol and drink plenty of water.

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