Easy Tonsil Stones Removal Techniques


Tonsil stones are a result of food particles pile up. Along with food particles bacteria, nasal discharge which drips in your throat and the naturally present antibodies in your tonsils all accumulate in your tonsillar crypts. The result is that patient always feels there is something stuck at the back of your throat, and has difficulty in swallowing. The worst of all is that these stones emit a foul smell, which may be as worse as that of rotten eggs. The person suffering from tonsil stones has constant bad breath as a result. Everyone wants to know how to get rid of them. Some very east tonsil stones removal methods are listed in this article.

Tonsil stones removal begins with having plenty of water and taking care of your oral hygiene. The water flushes down any food particles which may be stuck in your tonsil pockets. Whenever brushing your teeth, donít just stop there. Make sure you take your brush all the way to the back of your tongue. Most of the tooth brushes these days come with tongue scrubbers. Make use of them. After brushing, make sure you gargle. You can gargle with saline water or a mouth wash; whatever you prefer. Both do the job. They help in breaking down the stones.  Apple cider vinegar is also very effective. You can make a gargle with apple cider vinegar and mixing it with drinking water. If you do not have apple cider vinegar easily available, you can also use hydrogen peroxide. But make sure you use a very small amount of it and dilute it with water. Usually a tea spoon is enough in half a cup of water. Hydrogen peroxide is present in commercially available mouth wash, due to its anti bacterial properties. Flossing regularly at night also helps prevention of mucous build up.

Along with taking care of oral hygiene you can also use the following tonsil stones removal techniques. Another thing which breaks down these stones is coughing vigorously. Although those around you may find it very displeasing; coughing hard is another simple way to dislodge your tonsil stones. Using a cue-tip or a cotton swab also works wonder. You can probe and dislodge your tonsil stones with it very easily. Some people may use finger nails or even bobby pins to do so. Although, fingers nails and bobby pins both work but there is always the issue of hygiene and since, these objects have sharp edges you always have a chance of scratching your tonsils; and causing more damage than good.

While looking for tonsil stones removal techniques, you should alter your diet slightly too. If you continue consuming dairy products; it causes mucous and calcium buildup. Intake of dairy products might cause hindrance in effective tonsil stones removal. Another thing that you should refrain from is eating late at night. As you eat late in the night the little food particles accumulate in your crypts and cause the stone buildup. Hope this article was helpful and guides you to get rid of your tonsil stones easily.

Is tonsil stone removal possible at home?

Only those who have suffered from tonsil stones or are still suffering from it know how frustrating the situation is! Every sufferer wants to know tonsil stone removal techniques. Now what is really interesting about these stones is that no matter how scary they seem at the first sign, it is possible to remove tonsil stones very easily. The medicines hardly help in the case; however, tonsil stone removal is actually much easier than what people think. Read on to find out how.

The tonsil crypts are normally, smooth but as the tonsils get inflamed the crypts, grow in size and also become deeper. Debris gets stuck in them and the result is tonsil stones or tonsilloliths. In time, tonsil stone removal helps in preventing the problems which may arise later. As the stones are formed from bacteria and dead white blood cells, they emit a foul smell. This results in bad breath. Similarly, as all the food that you eat makes contact with these stones while you are swallowing it, it can give you gastric problems too. And this is just the beginning.

One way to remove tonsil stones is to poke the stones and scratch them with your fingernails. You would be surprised to know how many people stick to this method, although it can be quite unhygienic. That is because it actually works. If you insist on following this method; make sure you wash your hands with an antibacterial soap before probing the stones. A much better tonsil stone removal method by scrapping them off is the use of a cotton swab. The swab is clean, bland and there are lesser chances of you damaging your tonsils by using a cotton swab. You can simply damp the cotton swab with water or any mouth wash and then go at it.

A much better option is to gargle. If you gargle regularly, preferably with salt water; it not only attacks the stone by dislodging them but also takes care of the bad breath. If you make a habit of gargling regularly it also prevents the stones from forming at the first place. If you do not like the taste of salt water; or are simply lazy, how about keeping a mouth was in your bathroom vanity? That way whenever, you go to the bathroom you would be reminded about gargling everyday at least once a day. Gargling does not give you instant results as it takes a while for the stones to break down, but gargling regularly gives you one of the best results.

There are various tonsil stone removal methods. But keep in mind, if these simple at home methods do not work for you, you should visit an ENT i.e. an ear nose throat specialist. Your ENT and dentist are better able to guide you. In some cases if steps are not taken to remove the stones in time, pus may also be present. Your doctor may put you on antibiotics for a while. It is always better to visit the doctor if you donít see any improvement in your condition or if it keeps on getting worse.


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