Removing tonsil stones

Formation of tonsil stones is the sign of a weakness in the body’s natural immune system. People with a strong immune system do not get this problem, but when the system gets disturbed due to a number of reasons the tonsils get failed to clean the food particles and bacteria that naturally gather in the back of your mouth and tonsil stones are formed. Mostly, people with bad dietary habits develop these stones in their tonsils. People who do not take care of their oral hygiene can get tonsil stones. People with allergies can also develop these lumps in their tonsils.

Tonsil stones are can cause so much trouble. When they get bigger they make swallowing and drinking difficult. From the start to the end the most prominent and embarrassing problem that these stones cause is bad breath. Removing tonsil stones become a real pain when you have to do it after every few weeks. Simply the formation of these irregularly shaped yellowish lumps in the throat crypts is not painful as compared to the formation of these globules accompanied with with tonsil infections. In the later case, removing tonsil stones can be very painful.

Removing the tonsil stones at home is possible with and without a few simple tools like, tooth brush, Q-tip, water pike etc.

Techniques that do not require any tools include coughing and increasing pressure in the back of your mouth. Many people can remove the stones by coughing hard. The stones get loosen in the tonsil crypts and can be taken out easily. Another method is to exert pressure on the tonsils with the help of your tongue. Keep your head in a position in which you can increase the pressure in the back of the throat and do as you are trying hard to swallow something. You can increase the pressure on your tonsils with the help of your finger and apply a gentle pressure to pop out the tonsil stones.  If the above techniques do not work for you then try these ways. Stand in front of a mirror, preferably a mirror that shows magnified image and try to scrap the tonsil stones out with the help of a toothbrush. You can also try a Q-tip to pry out the tonsil stone gently. A medicine dropper can also help you take the tonsil stone out. The suction created by the dropper can pull out the tonsil stones from the tonsils. A Water Pik can be used for removing tonsil stones. Keep it at lowest pressure and aim the tonsil stones with the stream. You can also use any carbonated drink or vinegar instead of water in it.

If you have a very severe tonsil infection and your tonsils have become enlarged too, then removing tonsil stones would not be that easy and nearly impossible at home. In such cases, surgical methods are used to remove the tonsil stones. It can be done by using special medical instruments like curette. A laser surgery is also used to smooth the surface of the tonsils. It prevents the formation of tonsil stones again.

Some ways to remove tonsil stones

Tonsil stones are lumps of calcium, debris, food particles and dead cells that build on the tonsils. The formation of these stones can be prevented by adopting oral hygiene and eating foods that help to get rid of bacteria, increase the flow of saliva and keep your mouth clean. You should include celery, garlic, cucumber, and shitake mushroom in your diet. You must drink plenty of water. It keeps your mouth clean, boost your immune system and keep you hydrated. You must brush your teeth, scrape your tongue and gargle with mouthwash or plain water after every meal and at least especially before going to bed at night and after waking up in the morning. The best is the prevention, but if you have developed Tonsilloliths you would surely want to remove tonsil stones. Anyone who is suffering from these yellow colored stones problem wants to get rid of those irregularly shaped lumps that are causing embarrassing bad breath, sore throat and difficulty in swallowing. There are some ways that can be used to remove tonsil stones.

You can remove tonsil stones by using a cotton wool bud. Take a cotton wool bud and moisten it with water. Apply a gentle pressure to the tonsil area and push upwards. This would push out the stones from the tonsil pockets. You can also use your toothbrush for this purpose, but make sure it is perfectly clean.  Some people remove tonsil stones by exerting pressure on the tonsils by tongue. You can also tilt your head backward to increase the pressure. Do this as if you are trying hard to swallow something. It will loosen the tonsil stones.  Another method some people use for the removal of tonsil stones is to flex the throat and cough which can make the stone pop out.

Tonsils stones can also be removed by using a Water Pik or Water Jet. You should use the lowest pressure to aim the stone otherwise; you will end up disturbing and irritating your tonsils. Tonsils stones can be flushed out by using this technique. You can use vinegar or any carbonated drink in place of water.  Gargling with warm water with a pinch of salt will help kill bacteria and germs in your mouth. For better results try a mixture of a teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of baking soda with warm water.   

These methods are widely used to remove the tonsil stones, but they do not provide long lasting results and the tonsil stones can be formed again. That is why some surgical methods like laser tonsillectomy are used to get rid of tonsil stones completely. The laser smoothes the tonsil crypts and prevents tonsil stones from building up back.  The best you can do after the surgical removal or after the removal of the stones by the aforementioned methods is to take the preventive measures, i.e. eating healthy foods with antibacterial properties, avoiding sugary foods, limiting dairy products, maintaining oral hygiene and drinking plenty of water.

What can you do to prevent tonsil stones?

Tonsil stones or Tonsilloliths are globs-like scratchy lumps that build in the back of the throat. They do not cause any inconvenience to you in the start, but your family members may complain about the bad breath that you have. Yes, bad breath is one of the most prominent alarming signs of tonsil stones. As they start getting bigger they can cause painful conditions too like; difficulty in swallowing food and fluids. If you have a persistent bad breath, sore throat or white debris in the rear of our mouth, it is advisable to contact your doctor. For many people the solution to this problem is just to get the tonsil stones removed by surgical methods, but it is always good to know the preventive measures of any disease or medical problem.

The best you can do to prevent tonsil stones is to drink plenty of water and eat foods that boost your immune system. Foods that help fight off infectious bacteria also help in reducing the chances or getting tonsil stones. Some of the best foods that prevent tonsil stones are celery, garlic, shitake mushrooms, onion, and cucumber. Celery increases the flow of blood and help in getting rid of bacteria that dwell in the mouth. Garlic and shitake mushrooms have strong anti-bacterial properties. They help getting rid of bacteria. Garlic also used as a taste enhancer in many cuisines and should be consumed on a daily basis. Onions do not smell nice, but the juice of onions is good to kill bacteria. It should be consumed raw - to get rid of the onion smell from the mouth you can chew mint or parsley leaves. Cucumber is a natural disinfectant for the mouth and has many other benefits too. For example: it keeps the body hydrated and regulates the inner body temperature. You can make it a part of your salad. Avoid limiting the intake of dairy products in your diet. Dairy products provide excess calcium that can cause tonsil stones. You should avoid smoking and all the other eating and drinking habits that can cause bad breath or make it easy for oral bacteria to stay and grow. Avoid drinking alcohol and more than two cups of coffee. You should not munch on anything before going to bed. The food particles can remain in the mouth and then can accumulate in the tonsils causing tonsil stones to build.

Brushing your teeth and cleaning your tongue after every meal is a way to prevent tonsil stones. You should brush your teeth and rinse your mouth with best mouth washes especially before going to bed and early in the morning. You should gargle at least three times a day. You should also try using a tongue scraper after brushing your teeth. Nowadays many tooth-brush manufacturing companies are making toothbrushes with tongue scraper. You can buy such a toothbrush to meet the dual need.

You can prevent tonsil stones by following the above-mentioned simple, but useful techniques. These practices are not only good to prevent, but also benefit on your over-all health. 

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