How to get rid of tonsil stones

Tonsil stones can be a source of nuisance, as they are not only painful but also give a person bad breath. They not only hurt whenever you try to swallow something but also can be quite embarrassing at times. You might have carried mints in your pocket in trying to avoid the importance but letís admit it; you canít pop a mint into your mouth after every hour or two. So the question arises how to get rid of tonsil stones, the source of this embarrassment. As these are formation of accumulated bacteria and food particles into your tonsillar crypts, some people may even go the extent of getting them removed, surgically. But this is not a very good idea, as our tonsils play an important part in fighting with any bacterial and viral invasions into our bodies.

So the question arises, if getting your tonsils removed surgically is not a very good idea then; how to get rid of tonsil stones. Well you will be more then pleased to hear that there are several natural methods, which do not require any medicine or surgery to get rid of your problem. Doctors may prescribe antibiotics, which may get rid of the problem for a while but the stones may reoccur. Also there is no guarantee of how effective antibiotics may turn out to be.

First and foremost take care of your oral hygiene, as poor oral hygiene contributes towards formation of tonsil stones. If along with brushing, you gargle regularly there are lesser chances of getting tonsil stones. But, how to get rid of tonsil stones which have already formed. You will be pleased to hear that gargling with salt water even after the stones have formed is as effective. Another thing you can try at home is using a waterpik. A water pik is a dental irrigator; it is very effective in taking out little particles of food stuck in your teeth. If you face its nozzle towards the throat and exert water pressure it helps in breaking the stones and takes out the stones which have been formed due to accumulation of food particles in your crypts. Using a water pik is better than using a tooth brush or some other bland object as it does not cause gagging. Some people try to probe the stones with their nails and fingers; although, this works but it is quite unhygienic and you might end up scratching your tonsils a bit too hard. If you insist on dislodging your tonsil stones by scraping; the answer to how to get rid of tonsil stones by scraping is the use of a damp cotton swab. Dampen a swab with warm water and probe at the tonsil stones, and then rinse your mouth and throat with an antiseptic mouth wash.

These natural methods have proven to be very effective. Now as you know how to get rid of tonsil stones by using these natural methods, hopefully you would not be worrying about the lengthy medical bills or that foul breath which bothered you all the time.

Get rid of tonsil stones

If you have ever suffered from tonsil stones, you would know they are one of the worst sorts of condition you can get. That is because you are ill, without actually being ill. Tonsil stones are formed, as the size of your tonsillar crypts increase gradually; due to repeated inflammation in the tonsils. Bacteria and food particles are accumulated in these enlarged crypts, along with dead white blood cells which gather in the crypts while trying to fight the bacteria.  As a result the patient has bad breath all the time. He may have difficulty in swallowing. People who have suffered from the situation would do anything to get rid of tonsil stones.

Most of the people get scared at the first sign of the white spots and run to the doctors in trying to get rid of tonsil stones. But those of us who have had tonsil stones know it means going to the doctors over and over. The medical bills just keep on getting lengthier. The doctor may either prescribe antibiotics or antihistamine but in most of the cases they are hardly effective. The stones keep on coming back and eventually the doctor may ask you to get a tonsillectomy done, which means getting you tonsils removed.

Instead of going through all this, if you make some small changes in your life you can actually get rid of tonsil stones for a life time. First off, you need to be reminded that prevention is always better than cure. If you bring about the following changes in your life you would not get tonsilloliths in the first place and; even if you do get them, they help you to get rid of them too. You can start by making some small changes in your diet. You should try to avoid dairy products as much as possible. That is because sometimes, the lactic acid present in them may aggravate the growth of mucous. Try to have fruit juices as much as possible, especially the ones rich in vitamin C. Increase you water intake. You should try to eat light in the night. After meals make sure you brush your teeth and gargle. Salt water makes an excellent gargle. Antiseptic mouth wash are as effective. You can try cleaning your throat occasionally with a cotton swab.

If you make a habit of chewing garlic bulbs in the night, you will be more then surprised with the results. The antibacterial ingredients of the garlic prey on the bacteria deposits, and help in breaking them down. Similarly if you use a water pik and direct it towards the tonsil stones that also breaks the deposits and helps to get rid of tonsil stones.

The article tells you some very simple ways in which you can be rid of the tonsil stones; without worrying about the side effects of medicines, the doctorís bills and tonsil stone reoccurring. The best part is that if you bring these very small changes in your life you can actually get rid of tonsil stones, forever.

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